Keep track of your cerebral functioning.

Prevent any dysfunction.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the brain to optimize your training.

Spectre Biotech - Monitor and improve your brain.

Cognitive Training

Spectre Biotech - Monitor and improve your brain.
up to

+30% Enhanced
reaction time

What if you could react to unexpected events as quickly as to expected events? Improve your reaction time to everything you can't anticipate.

• Sharply adapt to your opponent's strategy.

• Compensate for any error.

• Avoid future collisions.

Spectre Biotech - Monitor and improve your brain.
up to

+25% Extended
attention span

One of the greatest difficulties for athletes is to fight attentional saturation. Mistakes tend to occur more often as time passes and fatigue builds.

• Increase your endurance.

• Improve your resistance to pressure.

• Secure your end-game.

Spectre Biotech - Monitor and improve your brain.
up to

+38% Improved
distraction resistance

Distractors tend to disrupt athletic performance. Improve your resistance to internal and external distractions and focus on the essential.

• Ignore efficiently irrelevant stimulations.

• Don't let your mind get ahead of you.

• Don't miss potentially valuable information.

Our personalised programmes


A periodic assessment of your unique brain signature.


Keep track of the shape of your brain. Prevent any cerebral dysfunctions, from burn-out or sleep deprivation to diseases or traumas.

3/6/12 assessments/year.

15 minutes.


In addition to the Prevention offer, we will evaluate all of your brain networks in order to give you a precise, exhaustive, and quantified assessment of your cognitive functions.

upon request.

40 minutes.


A one-time or periodic training of your brain networks.


The more sessions you do, the longer the effects will last. In order to keep the effects 24/7, a minimum of 5 sessions/month is required.

Case by case quotes.

30 minutes/session.


The intensive version of the training. Perfect to give yourself the best possible odds for a competition, or before the start of the season.

Case by case quotes.

3 to 5 days before an event.