Monitor the Brain.
At the Source.

Spectre Biotech is the world's first cerebral assessment and training method capable of targeting a specific brain function.

We give health and performance practitioners access to the data revolution.

It is time to move from astrology to astronomy.

Spectre Biotech - Brain analysis
Spectre Biotech - Monitor and improve your brain.

Keep track of your cerebral functioning, prevent any dysfunction, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the brain.

Quantify your attentional networks, train and amplify their activity, improve your attentional abilities to perform better.


The lack of objective measurement of your patients' cerebral functioning has numerous and well-known consequences.

Our mission: develop a better informed neurological rehabilitation, through a scientific and reliable method.

About us

The core team of Spectre comprises two neuropsychologists specialized in neuroimaging, cognition and brain-machine interfaces.

Although Spectre is relatively young, it has been 5 years since we started developing our method.

Transparency and quality are our principles. We will never develop an umpteenth brain gadget.

Scientific publications

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